Meet Jenn

In case you were wondering who Jenn is, she is our nutty creator, a little bit of a nut butter enthusiast. She's nuts herself and has a bit of a nutty story behind this brand.

She suffered for a long time from an eating disorder Anorexia and thought that was her life ( sadly for many, there doesn't seem a way out). It was only through her friend and now work pal Gina that she refound her love for the nutty stuff.

So how did that lead to Grind Nuts? Well, call it destiny, chance or whatever you will she changes course in her University studies to Nutrition and Food Science where she fell in love with flavour chemistry. It happened by accident that the two should come together. They always say that accidence is discoveries waiting to happen.

That certainly was the cause here! After sharing them with the world, it was clear that her passion and love for this nutty product as well as her passion for bodybuilding made a match. Grind is actually from her first love coffee and nuts well that is obvious.

A match made in heaven and just the beginning for this story