Bronze Award Winning Deep Roast Crunchy Peanut Butter

Meet Jenn

In case you were wondering, The chief nutter, Jenn (a long term nut butter addict) started her nutty idea after using nut butter as part of her recovery from an eating disorder. After allowing a few friends to try out her nutty creation (we all know how hard that is) it was quite clear the taste was incredibly unique. It became apparent that the nut butter needed to be shared with the world. What a better way to bring together a passion for food, mental health and bring joy than to spread the word about Grind Nuts!

The first nutty adventure was created in 2018 when she started training, she loved the taste, the smell and the ability to fuel my body. In the pursuit of feeding my nut butter addiction, she blitzed my way through multiple blenders. However, it wasn't until the following year that we thought let's see what the world thinks. So in February 2019, we finally found the courage to share my passion and were better than my university Farmers Market. To my surprise, they went down a treat!!

From there we started to attend local farmers markets, and have the honour of being stocked in local stores. In our first 2 months of trading, we had the honour to be invited to attend the BBC Good Food Show which ultimately changed the course of the business. We started to think, hang on, we could have something here. Could we make this into the biggest nut butter company...only time will tell.