About Us

 Back In 2018, as a University student, Jenn became interested in flavour science, weird right? But they say we all have a calling after discovering the wounders of flavour during her university studies. It became apparent that flavourings were the key to unlocking a discovery in the nut butter world. Jenn was and very much still is a nut butter addict, although that obsession took a long break after suffering from Anorexia for many years. It was only in her recovery that she rediscovered her love for peanut butter.

Since having the courage to take the nut butter to the University of Nottingham's farmer's market in 2019, she found that her tasty flavours where a welcome change and completely different to others out there. In 2020 won at Free From award and well that's only the beginning for Grind Nuts.

Handcrafted, hand labels, handwritten always