Italian-inspired stuffed nut butter rice pudding balls

Italian-inspired stuffed nut butter rice pudding balls

Our first Recipe!!! We want to bring you along on the Naturally Nutty journey and share your incredible creations with our nutty butter. 

We want to thank Cindy @Cindyliftz


This easily feeds 2 people (or one very hungry girl …)



· 80g short-grain pudding rice

· 250ml milk (I used semi-skimmed; it did not work with almond milk but feel free to experiment)

· 50g Grindnuts caramel biscuit flavoured PB (or any other yummy nut butter from the Grindnuts range)

· 10g coconut oil

· 3-4 Lotus Biscoff biscuits, crushed or pulsed to a flour-like consistency (some for coating the rice balls, leftovers as a bed for them to sit in and/or sprinkled over)

To serve: Chopped up the fruit of your choice (make it colourful #eattherainbow) Some yoghurt Basically, whatever you want to serve them with!



1. Cook your pudding rice in the milk; I did NOT follow packet instructions as I wanted a fairly “dry”, dense mixture that would hold its shape once formed into balls.

2. Once it has reached the desired consistency, let the rice cool completely (!), before shaping it into rough balls. How big you make your rice balls is entirely up to you. But remember that they will get filled with PB, so too small might be a bit of a patience tester. Tip: I weighed my cold rice so I could calculate a fairly even weight for the individual balls.

3. Take each of the rice balls into the palm of your hand and flatten it out into a disc. Put a dollop of PB into the middle of the disc, before shaping the rice back into a rice ball (a nice looking one this time). Repeat with the remaining rice mixture.

4. Once you have finished filling and shaping your rice pudding balls, coat them in the Biscoff biscuit “flour”.

5. Heat your coconut oil in a frying pan, then fry the rice balls until crisp. Don’t go overboard with the heat, otherwise, they will burn on the outside and still be cold on the inside. They might lose a bit of their shape but that’s fine.

6. Arrange the rice balls on a plate or in a bowl, and serve with chopped up fresh fruit of your choice, a dusting of Biscoff “flour”. And why not some more Grindnuts nut butter drizzled over?


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