Fluffy American Style Pancakes

Fluffy American Style Pancakes

American pancake stackin at it's finest 👌🏼⁠ fluffy thick pancakes to kickstart any day not just the Sunday Brunch club


70g plain flour (or self raising if you have it)
Tsp baking powder
Tsp baking soda
25g whey
1 egg
Pinch of salt
Around 100-150ml almond milk
Any flavour drops/vanilla essence

Method 🥣
1️⃣ Mix all dry ingredients. Then mix in the egg. Add milk and mix until you have a thick consistency that you can still pour.

2️⃣ Either add to a small individual pan, or add around 3 to a larger pan. Then cover while they cook with either another pan or lid.

3️⃣ Once they have puffed up give them a flip and cover again! After around 30 seconds - 1 minutes remove and stack up.


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